My 4 step design process.
Let me show you how it works.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein



Goal: The goal of the discovery phase of the graphic design process is to develop an overall goal for the project and to define the context for the work to be delivered. By gathering this vital information it becomes easier to visualize what is required by the client and what the constrains are within which the designer needs to operate. Once this information has been digested it’s always a good idea to formally clarify the scope of the project and get sign-off from the client prior to entering the next phase of the graphic design process.


Design / Production

Goal: The goal of the design or production phase of the graphic design process is to create a market strategy. This is the critical thinking phase of the design process. Leveraging all the information gathered in the previous phase it’s time to put on your designers hat and begin to brainstorm and conceptualize a market strategy for the client. As the designer your goal should be to develop some new and different concepts that will fulfill your client’s criteria and deliver their message in a way which sets them apart from the competition.



Goal: The goal of the development phase of the graphic design process is the production and development of a final concept for the project which outlines the overall look and feel. After the research has been completed this stage moves into the actual design phase and culminates in the delivery of two or more final versions of the product. A final concept will be presented at this stage.



Goal: In the final Deployment phase of the graphic design process the goal is to refine the final concepts in order to deliver the final product of the project. In this stage all final versions are refined and any elements are adjusted to meet client's preference.